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Grief Recovery Center has been chosen as a grant recipient by Attic Trash and Treasure Sale of Baton Rouge for its 2022 event which will be held March 4-6th at 1029 Millerville Road, Baton Rouge, La.  Everyone is encouraged to come out and support Attic Trash and Treasure Sale and Grief Recovery Center. 




Have time?  Please consider volunteering at this wonderful event.  Have a donation?  Please donate to this event.


On April 11, 2022 our board members, Libby Foret and Glenn Jarreau, along with our Executive Director, Esther Sachse, were gifted with the check from the earnings from the sales throughout the year. We were so honored to have been chosen as a recipient and grateful for the aid to help us to continue carrying out our mission of helping individuals heal from grief and loss.

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