Holding Hands

The mission of the Grief Recovery Center is to compassionately assist those experiencing grief, trauma and loss through counseling, support and education.

Grief Recovery Center provides educational workshops, memorial services, community events. We serve clients from ages 2-99+ from 11 parishes and are able to offer services to anyone residing in Louisiana. GRCBR never turns anyone away due to inability to pay....LEARN MORE

The work of GRCBR is made possible by our generous donors and community partners. Donate today and give the gift of counseling to uninsured/underinsured clients who have experienced grief, loss, and transition. GRCBR is 501(c)3 nonprofit counseling agency...LEARN MORE

Our support groups offer a safe environment for grievers to take effective and lasting action, no matter the type of loss experienced, through shared giving and receiving of support and validation. Members and facilitators offer suggestions for coping...LEARN MORE



 We believe each individuals possesses the capacity to heal and we respect each unique journey to process loss. Grief occurs with events other than death including:

Anything that changes your life can cause grief and loss. No matter the reason for your grief, loss, or trauma, we can help.

  • infertility

  • child loss

  • job loss

  • disability

  • chronic illness and/or chronic pain

  • moving

  • divorce

  • breakup

  • miscarriage

  • being a caregiver

  • trauma

  • disaster

  • crime and MORE.



“This is an awesome place the counselor's are amazing!! I thank God for the care and love that they have for there clients!! I appreciate you all so much!! I look forward to continuing get the help that my family needs!!!” - A. Winn, Google Review


“Safe, accepting and confidential. A comfort at this time.” - S. Pressburg, Google Review