Grief Recovery Center is committed to making sure our clients and community have support while following mandates regarding the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)Telehealth visits ARE NOW AVAILABLE (3/19/2020).


Are you interested in participating in our telehealth program?


What is telehealth? We are offering three new remote options from Grief Recovery Center through Zoom Healthcare: over the telephone, online face-to-face (similar to FaceTime but HIPAA Compliant). If any of these options interest you, please call us at (225) 924-6621. We will ask you for a cell phone number or a working email address*. Remote appointments will be accessed through a secure HIPAA compliant link sent to your phone or email, and your counselor or staff will walk you through the setup and process.


*If you don’t have a cell phone or email address, we will work with you to find another option please call 225-924-6621.

Patient How-to's and resources will be listed here:

Privacy Protocol During TeleMental Health Sessions

  • Always use a private and safe environment for your sessions. If someone enters your space during your session at your location simply acknowledge their presence by saying hello and your clinician will automatically disconnect from the session. This is to protect your privacy. Inform your clinician if you would like to establish a different protocol with your clinician.



Possible Limitations of TeleMental Health

Telemental health should not be viewed as a substitute for on-site counseling or medication by a physician. It is an alternative form of counseling with possible benefits and limitations. By signing this document you agree that you understand that telemental health: may lack visual and/or audio cues, which may cause misunderstanding. may have disruptions in the service and quality of the technology used. may not be appropriate if you are having a crisis, acute psychosis, or suicidal or homicidal thoughts. when using secure chat, or secure texting, there might be a delay in your clinician receiving your message or they might not ever receive it. When you suspect that you may have misinterpreted your clinician’s statements, it is important to assume that your clinician has positive regard for you, and to check out your assumptions. This will reduce any unnecessary hardship. If at any time you do not have internet access at your home or private location, you can contact GRCBR office at 225-924-6621 to discuss possible alternatives.

To file a complaint with the Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners:

The Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners is authorized to receive complaints against social workers. Complaints must be submitted to the Board in writing, signed and include the complainant’s contact information. Anonymous complaints are not accepted.

When a complaint is received a certified letter acknowledging receipt is mailed to the complainant. This letter will include the meeting date at which members of the Board will consider the complaint. You may expect to hear from the Board through written correspondence following that meeting relative to the action that will be taken.

If the Board accepts the complaint, the social worker will be notified that a complaint against him/her has been accepted by the Board. The social worker will also be sent a copy of the complaint.

Board members as members assigned by the agency to make findings of fact and conclusions of law will not and may not participate in the investigation. No board member shall accept contact or communicate with a social worker involved in an investigation, any person on behalf of the social worker, legal counsel for any party, the complainant, witness, or potential witness. If any of these persons attempt to contact a board member, the board member shall promptly refer the matter to the board's administrator and/or the board's legal counsel. This restriction conforms with R.S. 49:960(A) and is not intended to restrict those routine communications which are in no way related to a case under active investigation or adjudication.

To file a complaint, access the form here

To file a complaint with the LPC Board of Louisiana:

The complaint form (CLICK HERE TO ACCESS) is used to file complaint(s) against (1) Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs), (2) Provisional Licensed Professional Counselors (PLPCs), (3) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs), (4) Provisional Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (PLMFTs), (5) unlicensed persons who are practicing mental health counseling or marriage and family therapy, and (6) unlicensed persons advertising themselves as a LPC, LMFT, PLPC, or PLMFT. Please note that if you choose to submit a third party complaint or an anonymous complaint, the Disciplinary Affairs Committee of the Board may be limited in the course of action it can take.

Please complete this form to the best of your ability and provide all relevant information. Please mail or email any additional documentation to

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency CALL 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. 

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