How happiness affects your health

November 18, 2014

Grief is not something that goes away overnight. Sometimes it takes months or even years to find happiness again; but when will you decide to find happiness? Some days we can’t control our emotions and some days we can. It can seem like there is nothing you could possibly do to smile again and truly mean it. Over a long period of time, grief can affect more than your happiness but it can also affect your health.  Some of the side effects of unhappiness include:


Weight gain or loss

            Weight gain and/or loss is a common side effect of unhappiness. Overeating is a way to find comfort during unhappiness. Starting bad habits such as this can lead to weight gain that can also contribute to diabetes, high blood pressure and other issues. Weight loss can also be damaging. The sight of food causes  many to feel so sick to the stomach that it becomes hard to eat, leading to significant weight loss. When your body does not have proper nutrition it can lead to fatigue and affect your body’s ability to fight infection and disease.


High blood pressure

            Stress also contributes to unhappiness. When you stress so does your heart. Overtime this can lead to high blood pressure, making you feel ill.



            Sadness can make you tired, and unhappiness can affect your quality of sleep. Most nights you can find ourselves constantly tossing and turning thinking about countless things they may or may not matter. Your quality of sleep not only affects your energy but also your ability to think and your overall health.


Ability to think

            When we go through a stressful time, that’s often the only thing we can think about and it affects our thoughts, ideas and ability to work to our full potential. When we are not able to preform well at work it can make us feel insecure in our job and not as confident, which leads to more stress and health issues.


Weak immune system

            When we are unhappy it puts a lot of stress on our bodies. When our bodies are stressed it weakens the immune system and ability to fight infections and disease.


You may have experienced weight gain or loss, high blood pressure, fatigue or more. To find happiness, you need to make that decision first. Sometimes our health starts to remind us of the true effect unhappiness can have on our lives. It is understandable that sometimes we may feel guilty for being happy when we have lost a loved one. However, ask yourself how those people would want to see you live if they were still here? Even if you aren’t experiencing grief from suffering a loss of a loved one, the loss of a job or partner or something else can also have a effect on your health.


At GRC we understand that sometimes it is hard to know how to begin the process of finding happiness again. We are here to guide you in a way hat is best for you.



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How happiness affects your health

November 18, 2014

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